The island of Rhodes is the largest in the Dodecanese, with a length of 79km and width 38km. It is situated 363km from mainland Greece.Throughout ancient and modern times Rhodes has always been strategically positioned at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East,also Cyprus and Egypt. This brought lots of different civilisations to the island and today you can see the marks it has left in all aspects of the culture.


As Rhodes is located just a short distance from the second deepest point of the Mediterranean sea (Lindos Basin), the island can offer all types of diving, from nice relaxing shallow depths to the more extreme deep cave dives. Being a volcanic area in the ancient times, the underwater topography is full of dramatic cliffs and large lime stone reefs with small unusual caverns and deep never ending caves that have been there since ancient Greece.


Over the past years the sea life around the island has seen some great changes for the better. There is always something to see, a wide variety of micro life ,schools of bream,damsel fish,grouper,cuttlefish,octopus,moray eels and squid etc. and with a bit of luck you can spot nudibranch,sea horses, sea hears, amber jacks,tuna,sting rays, turtles and even monk seals. The warm and crystal clear waters have brought some immigrants from the red sea, pipefish, soldier fish,rabbit fish and there have even been some sightings  of lion fish!



Join us in our aquatic adventures! Our intention is to reveal the excitement and adventures of the sea and to provide you with high quality dives.


Plimiri Wreck

Plimiri is approximately 85km from Rhodes Town at Cape Vigla, near to the part of Read More


Pefkos is a small village and holiday resort just after Lindos and about 56km from Read More


Lindos is situated on the southeast coast,about 54km from Rhodes Town. It was one of Read More
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Private Dive Packages

    1 Tank (Plimiri Shore)

    55€ +20€ for renting equipment +75€ for Boat Dive

    2 Tanks (Pefkos)

    170€ +30€ for renting equipment

    2 Tanks (Lindos)

    220€ +30€ for renting equipment

    1 Tank (Wreck Dive)

    160€ +20€ for renting equipment
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  • Group Dive Packages

      1 Dive

      80€ +20€ for renting equipment Plimmiri - Archway Boat Dive
      Plimmiri - Point Boat Dive

      2 Dives in Pefkos

      80€ 1 day of diving +30€ for renting equipment Shore dives +20€ return transfer per day

      2 Dives in Lindos Rib or Ship-Wreck Boat

      100€ 1 day of diving +30€ for renting equipment +20€ return transfer per day

      4 Dives Pefkos

      160€ 2 days diving +60€ for renting equipment for 2 days +20€ return transfer per day

      4 Dives Pefkos & Lindos or Wreck

      180€ 1 day in Pefkos 1 day in Lindos or Wreck +60€ for renting equipment for 2 days +20€ return transfer per day

      6 Dives

      240€ Including Pefkos, Lindos, Wreck +90€ for renting equipment for 3 days +20€ return transfer per day

      8 Dives

      320€ Pefkos/Lindos/Wreck
      4th day of you choice
      +120€ for renting equipment for 4 days +20€ return transfer per day

      2 Dives Marin Park

      160€ 1 day diving +30€ for renting equipment Rescue+ divers +20€ return transfer per day
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