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The Archway is a boat dive, departing from the harbour of Plimmiri. This is a shallow and easy

boat dive, ideal for all diver levels as a fun dive.

We follow the horseshoe rock formations until we reach the beautiful hidden Archway.

On the Archway dive you will find Mediterranean Sea life, including trumpet fish, sea bream,

groupers, parrot fish, damsel fish, squirrel fish, wrasse, lizard fish, mullet, rock fish, cuttlefish,

octopus, squid and moray eels.

Diver Level: Scuba Diver+ level divers – 12m Visibility: 20m+ Temperature: 16c – 30c 

Boat Dive

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Main Features:
Swim throughs
Marine Life:
trumpet fish, sea bream, groupers, parrot fish, damsel fish etc.
Chance of:
octopus and moray eels
Diver Qualifiacation:



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Private Dive Packages

    1 Tank (Plimiri Shore)

    55€ +20€ for renting equipment +25€ for Boat Dive

    2 Tanks (Pefkos)

    150€ +30€ for renting equipment

    2 Tanks (Lindos)

    200€ +30€ for renting equipment

    1 Tank (Wreck Dive)

    160€ +20€ for renting equipment
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  • Group Dive Packages

      2 Dives in Pefkos

      80€ 1 day of diving +30€ for renting equipment

      4 Dives (2 days)

      160€ Pefkos 1st day, 2nd day Lindos or Wreck(+20€) +60€ for renting equipment for 2 days

      6 Dives (3 days)

      240€ Including Pefkos, Lindos and Wreck dive sites +90€ for renting equipment for 3 days

      8 Dives (4 days)

      320€ Including Pefkos, Lindos, Wreck +120€ for renting equipment for 4 days

      Reactivate Programme

      180€ Digital Manual PADI Reactivate Card
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    • prices include transfer to the dive site.